1K Follower Celebration // My Blogging Journey

I’ve celebrated a lot of milestones with you guys in the past seven months. First came my hundred followers, which made me dance around my room like an idiot. Then came 500, which absolutely blew my mind. Now, I’m proud to say that I have a tribe of 1,000 people on Tales From The Thrift Shop.

Writing this is completely crazy to me. Normally, I’m writing with tons of exclamation marks and the words come almost effortlessly. Even as I planned this special photo shoot, I was completely excited. I think — now that the number has officially hit — I’m in shock. To know that I have that many beautiful souls that want to read my work every single day blows my mind.

I didn’t start this blog to gain followers. I did it to share my journey with the world. I am humbled that so many…

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